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Give hope to world's emotional, spiritual, social wanting and solve their hunger.

AIM: Provide lifestyle services and solutions that satisfy small worldly cravings and large esoteric needs of people; catering to unique relaxed, unhurried lifestyle choices, tastes, spiritual & self-actualisation pangs. 

Mission: To initially catch the wind, will launch Fikernot™ brand to urge people publicly embrace their lighter side, step aside, uncoil and relax!

*We are currently in pre-revenue Proof of Concept phase building a Minimum Viable Product. Will hit the dust in 2018.

If you share our vision and have an interest, please contact , +91-9901455711


- Vemury 'Kasi' Viswanath: Advises diverse startup & mature folks. Headed Technology at Northern Trust Bank in India and significant roles in Intel. Y2K stint & startup in New York city, manufacturing exports - during ‘90s, front-line roles in Army Corps of Engineers in '80s.

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