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What is Fikernot?
Worry not, take it easy, All's well, relax, unwind, cool..
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Will your products be trendy?
yes, most of them will be Fikernot branded, some will have a disarming tagline. we are hoping to keep our product line small and simple. we also hope to get our intense, driven, coiled-up friends out of the rat race. all suggestions are welcome.
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What is the delivery time of Fikernot brand merchandise?
generally a week in South India, 10 days to North, around 10+ days to Northeastern states. international shipping could take 2 weeks. since we wish to keep our inventory small, we plan to make your item after order is placed. some fast moving items might have have larger stock. rest assured, you will receive your items properly to your liking. otherwise this rhetoric will sound hollow.
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How about special, large or custom orders?
just drop us a line to, with all your contact details.
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Fikernot trademarks use?
FIKERNOT brand and the cool dude logo are registered trademarks owned by us. please don't use them. if you wish to partner with us or use our trademarks for a greater common purpose, contact us. we can't give hope and solve world's emotional hunger all by ourselves.
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What's your story, what makes you tick?
there's certainly some profit motive in our mad story, no charity. but that's not what is driving us. we are trying to get people away from the rat race. in doing so, we hope they step aside to give their seat to someone more needy. world's combined wealth has to somehow get redistributed, there's a pressing need to reduce the pent-up tension between haves and have-nots. let's stop killing ourselves daily for accumulating more and more wealth.
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Is there more to Fikernot than just relax wear?
yes and no, depends on what you seek, earthly cravings or esoteric pangs. Fikernot aims to also provide diverse lifestyle services and solutions that satisfy small worldly feelgoods and large esoteric needs catering to unique relaxed, unhurried lifestyle choices, tastes, spiritual & self-actualisation pangs of customers that've embraced our relax wear.

Fikernot™ branded relax wear is just to catch the initial winds..
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What's the cool dude in Fikernot™ logo doing?
still wondering why kattappa...killed baahubali!?
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Will Fikernot sell only online?
our sales are predominantly online and from downloadable apps. but since men were meant to be social animals, we will also reach out to Fikernot seekers through offline channels in roadshows, festivals etc.
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where do you get your money from?
We hope to generate sufficient monies from Fikernot branded merchandise to fund our free services and solutions, in the long term.
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