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Fikernot™ means 'worry not', hakuna matata, don't worry, bie danxin, take-it-easy, relax, let-it-pass. 

Fikernot™ provides lifestyle services and solutions that satisfy small worldly cravings and large esoteric needs of people; catering to unique relaxed lifestyle choices, tastes, spiritual & self-actualisation needs. Our offerings reflect a different pace, lifestyle for the unhurried. Fikernot™ urges people to publicly embrace their lighter side, step aside and take back their life.

Fikernot will be a carefree portal, an oasis for example to someone stressed-out in rat race to lead lives with lesser agendas, fewer aims... a slightly goalless life!

are initially launching Fikernot™ lifestyle products that echo an unhurried persona and clutterfree life!

If you are interested in us please contact, +91-9901455711
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